Please contact us if to see if there are any last-minute spots available for your child!

News and Information:

For any of you who have not picked up your pictures, call Chrissy Nelson ASAP 724-261-7455. 


New Registration help page has been added. Get answers for your age group questions!

Thank You!
We would like to say a special thank you to Don Kiefer for his donation, 
making sure our kids have a great field to play on.


Tutorials have been added to help you in the steps needed to register as a coach and to get your background clearances. Click the Registration Help menu button above to get to them.



It's hard to believe, but the fall season will be here before you know it. With that comes some planning that needs to take place, and right now that means preparing our travel teams for the U10 and older age groups. Travel teams need to be declared to PA West (our club’s governing body) much earlier than the Inhouse season. To that end, kids interested in playing Travel soccer must be registered by this Saturday, July 18th, at midnight. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Travel soccer, please see below for a comparison with Inhouse soccer.

Travel Soccer 
• A more competitive league playing teams outside of Scottdale 
• A greater emphasis on winning 
• Games on Sundays split between Kendi and the opposing team's location 
• Practices once to twice a week 
• Tournaments and training beyond the scope of the 8 week season 
• Additional fee for uniform 
• Registration deadline of July 18th 

Inhouse Soccer 
• A recreational league playing kids within our own club 
• Winning is secondary to fun and player development 
• Games on Saturdays at Kendi 
• Practices typically once a week 
• Commitment limited to the 8 week season 
• Uniform fee is covered with registration 
• Registration deadline without penalty of Aug. 8th 
• Registration plus a $20 late fee Aug. 9 – Aug. 22, at which time registration will close 

We're encouraged that we have more interest in Travel soccer than we have had in a number of years. However, please be aware of the more competitive nature and commitment level of Travel soccer before registering your child. While we are eager for kids to make the commitment for Travel soccer, we don't want kids who may enjoy Inhouse soccer more to become discouraged and quit the game. Lastly, those kids that play Travel soccer are also able to play Inhouse soccer as well. One registration fee covers both. Feel free to contact me, Steve Seder, or our new Travel Coordinator, Jason Boone, with any questions.

Brad Smith                   Steve Seder                          Jason Boone      
724-331-8580              724-454-0532                       724-244-5070


Registration for our fall 2015 Season is open!
Registration is open for our fall season for all players ages 3-13 for inhouse play and ages 7-18 for travel play! Just click the links above to register. 

Registration cost is $45 for all age groups except Tiny Kickers which is $25. Travel is also $45, but if you play inhouse then there is no additional charge for travel, and vice versa. 

There is a $20 late fee that will apply on August 9th, and registration will close August 22nd. We also have the $5 sibling discount for any additional children in your family who wish to play which makes their registration cost just $40. 

Season after season our kids have a wonderful time playing soccer with their friends and classmates. We have well maintained fields dedicated specifically for the Soccer club located at Kendi Field. From beginners of all ages to seasoned players, all kids are welcome. 

We strive to form the fundamentals of the game of soccer, foster growth in the kids' skill and knowledge of the game, and prepare them to advance to higher levels of soccer. Additionally, we aim to develop other skills such as teamwork, dedication, and communication; skills that they will take with them on their journey through school and life.
Age Groups for Fall 2015 Season

Play Level                 Birthday Range

Tiny Kickers (U4)         8-1-11 to 7-31-12

U6                              8-1-09 to 7-31-11

U8                              8-1-07 to 7-31-09

U10                            8-1-05 to 7-31-07

U13                            8-1-02 to 7-31-05


Coaches Background Clearances

All coaches and volunteers who will be working with the children of the club are required to obtain an background clearance BEFORE the start of the season.  

Pennsylvania State laws have changed and are in effect for clearances. The process has changed, and you must now complete two background checks. 

You must complete the PA State Police screening linked here --->State Police Criminal Record Check 
As well as the PA Child Abuse clearances linked here --->PA Child Abuse History Clearance 
You must also provide a notarized affidavit if you have lived IN PA for the last 10 years. You can download this form here.  ---> Volunteer Affidavit
If you have lived in PA for less than 10 years, you will need to obtain an FBI Criminal Background Check instead of the affidavit. This clearance is an additional $27.50.  --->FBI Criminal Background Check

There is a $10 charge for each of the first two, with the full $20 going towards those agencies. Please click the links to complete those clearances. Once you have done so, you can upload those forms to the regular PAWest Background Screening Registration Website. If you have coaches with us before, you already have an account. If you are a new coach, click the following link and log in with the same user ID and password you use to sign into the seasonal registration site to sign up your kids.  That website link is --->PAWest Online Background Screening 

All info we have on this change is posted at the link.  



Scottdale Soccer Club
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